Lazy Day

Lazy Day

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Anonymous asked: I don't have much money but I need new clothes. But I want them to be super cute and turn heads. Any stores that you recommend?

Forever 21 you can find a lot of super cute cheap things Xx

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Anonymous asked: How about the name momofashion as a username for YouTube o:

what does momo stand for babe? Xx

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Anonymous asked: Can I wear crop tops with high waisted shorts and skirts even if I don't have a flat tummy or a thigh gap? I really like that kind of style, but I'm afraid people will judge me because I'm not skinny at all.

Go ahead sweetie! You shouldn’t care if others judge, if you like it and you want to wear it, then do it babe Xx

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Anonymous asked: How many followers do you have on tumble

I have 7,324 lovely followers Xx

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Anonymous asked: fashionable but comfy outfits to wear to the airport? :)

Alright babe Xx

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Anonymous asked: I'm going to Washington DC for five days next week and I'm not entirely sure what to pack. I don't really know what the weather is like there during this time of year, but it could be either really warm or really rainy. Any suggestions on what I should bring?

Take clothes for warm weather and take rainboots, raincoat, and a light cardigan just in case it rains. Have fun! Xx

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Anonymous asked: Hi can you please make a casual outfit for a night out at a club? Thanks!

Sure babe Xx

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School Play

School Play

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Anonymous asked: Hi! My school musical concert is round the corner i would like you to give me some ideas for smart casual! Thanks!

Alright sweetie Xx

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