First day of school

First day of school

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Anonymous said: Can you do a first day of school look for hot weather?

Sure babe :)

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Disneyland in the fall

Disneyland in the fall

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hello-lora said: Hello! I'm going to Disneyland in the fall and I was wondering if you could make me an outfit :) Please and thank you <3

of course babe Xx

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VMA&#8217;s Red Carpet

VMA’s Red Carpet

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Hey guys, it would mean a lot to me if you watched this video and commented what you thought Xx

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ribsribsribs said: Hey! I love your blog! But where can i find these clothes to buy?

Hey babe! thankk youu XX

go to Polyvore, my username is jomaba. When you find me you will be able to see all the outfits I’ve ever made, when you click on one, the details of where everything is from will appearĀ 

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First Day of School

First Day of School

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Casual Day in NYC

Casual Day in NYC

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Anonymous said: Outfit for casual day out in NYC?

Alright babe Xx

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Hey guys! As I’ve said before I want to start a youtube channel, I have no idea what my first video should be about. I was thinking that I could do a Q&A so you guys can get to know me a little better. Send me a message if you like this idea and include your questions. I love you guys Xxx
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I want to get to know you guys better, so send me a message and tell me where you’re from and a bit about you Xx
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Anonymous said: which part of mexico are you from?

I’m from Sonora Xx

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Anonymous said: omg you finally opened your ask again!

Yeah I did so send me all your requests Xx

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